One thing on my give-it-a-go list is flexbox. It’s a layout module that will become increasingly relevant, just as floats will become less relevant. This said I don’t think floats are going away entirely anytime soon. So if you are looking at what is coming down the pike in the near future then flexbox is it. Actually, if you aren’t concerned with IE before 10 then the future is now!

Still, the reality is that with browser support limited to the latest browsers there has been no reason for me to use it professionally. And on a personal level I’ve had bigger fish to fry of late with the birth of my beautiful little daughter. Besides all this, I still enjoy using floats. It might technically be a weird and hackish technique - at least according to Eric Meyer - but it’s a technique that I’m pretty comfortable with.

As I continue to develop this site flexbox will be used on a limited basis - at least initially. So far the plan is to use it for the layout of the blog landing page. My initial thoughts are that it will look something a little like this.

For anyone interested in finding out about flexbox then CSS-Tricks has a fantastic guide on all things flex.